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“Focus First on Capital Preservation”

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The Conformity Corporation Urban Opportunity Fund is now accepting new investors. Complete the form below to explore this opportunity.



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PERFORMANCE DATA DISCLAIMER: The performance data shown refers to Conformity Corporation’s past investments from December 1998 and is presented net of all fees and expenses, including management fees and performance fee allocation. The performance data shown is not an estimate of any specific investor’s actual performance, which may be materially different from such performance depending on numerous factors. No representations or warranties whatsoever are made by Conformity Corporation or any other person or entity as to the future profitability of an investment. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Individuals are urged to consult with their own tax or legal advisers before making any investment. This list of holdings is provided for illustrative purposes only and is not indicative of the future holdings of an investment account. A complete list of past recommendations made by Conformity Corporation is available upon request. This list of holdings should not be deemed as investment advice or a recommendation to purchase or sell any specific security.

TRACK RECORD DISCLAIMER: The stated returns on unrealized projects are calculated based on a December 31, 2019 book value. Projects listed on the Steady Track Record page are land and assemblies greater than $250k, development projects in excess of $2.5mm, and acquisitions in excess of $1mm.


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