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We improve urban spaces to benefit both our investors and community.

Conformity Corp is committed to both preserving our investors’ capital and improving the communities in which we work.  We specialize in developing projects that feature innovative design while keeping a focus on the community’s unique history through historic preservation.  Conformity Corp continually strives to create durable, functional urban developments that will benefit the entire community for decades to come.


We construct and re-purpose buildings in growing, urban settings that can offer multiple uses. By combining different aspects, such as apartments, townhouses, office buildings or retail space, we can benefit all members of the community with unique, mixed-use developments.


In rapidly expanding cities with limited space to grow, we help to build and create spaces for both current residents and incoming transplants to feel right at home. We look for unique, selective properties that are walking distance to key features such as public transportation, retail, public parks, and other features of the urban environment.


By focusing on future-growth corridors and shifts in market maturity, we develop retail and office space that provides opportunities for working families and business owners alike.


We work hard to preserve the history of communities and the buildings within them. Instead of simply tearing down important parts of the community’s culture, we specialize in rebuilding, remodeling, and expanding existing buildings. We take pride in preserving history, while also focusing on the adaptive reuse of functional spaces.


At Conformity Corp, sustainable growth is what we have always done and what we know best. By creating dense developments in established urban areas, cities can significantly increase their property tax base with minimal public investment. That’s why city leaders look favorably upon projects like ours, giving Conformity Corp a significant edge over mainstream developers.