Elizabeth Land Company | Conformity Corp
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Elizabeth Land Company

Minutes from downtown Charlotte and nestled in the historic Elizabeth neighborhood, this 2.5-acre property sits within a short five-minute walking distance to the thriving Plaza Midwood business district with its many restaurants & shopping opportunities. Once home to a 48,000 square-foot industrial facility and several rooming houses, Conformity Corp assembled and entitled six unique lots and the adjacent NC Department of Transportation right-of-way remnants. Around this same time, the apartment development rush we see today in Charlotte was just beginning. Adding value every step of the way, Conformity Corp quietly floated the sale of the property. Ultimately, the site was sold to a national apartment developer and is now home to the 267-unit Elizabeth Square apartment community. While returning a superior return to its initial capital investors in 2009, the completed project subsequently sold to JP Morgan in 2011 for nearly $40.53 million.

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Housing Studio of Charlotte

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Land Development