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7th Street Shops

7th Street Shops is an assembly of three parcels in Charlotte’s historic Elizabeth neighborhood. Beginning in the 1950’s, retail grew organically on the three parcels, one building cobbled to the next. Seeing the potential to redevelop the property, Conformity Corp began steadily assembled the individually owned parcels in 2008 until, through patience and tenacity, the firm had ultimately unified the entire center totaling 23,000 square feet. A long-term hold was planned, and the intention was to reposition the property as one assembly after the last parcel was acquired. However, around the time the drawings were completed that would guide the repositioning, an opportunity to sell unexpectedly presented itself.  Conformity Corp immediately saw the potential to maximize revenues while still ensuring the revival of a once thriving neighborhood center. As a result, the property was sold in 2017 and less than $20,000 was spent on maintenance and capital improvements during the hold period.

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505 Design Group

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Office/Commercial, Retail/Mixed Use, Urban Masterplans